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Hi I’m Dee….


Tea drinking, boho wearing sales trainer who doesn’t do suits.


If you’re a heart centred business woman, tired of an erratic income, feeling stressed and avoiding sales conversations, then we need to chat.
What if there was a way to easily and simply become
  • Confident to lead a sales conversation
  • Infulential in converting leads to clients
  • Persuasive in your body language, tone and words
Don’t let self doubt keep you playing small, let’s work together unleash the confident you!


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Gino Premici
Dee provided us with a great program for Customer Service Sales Training to a group of small business owners requiring real insight into the sales process, broken down into realistic components. Personable, professional and approachable, her delivery was spot on for our target group.
Gino Premici
General Manager Home Base
Julie Renyard
Dee is a joy to work with, her enthusiasm and natural ability to communicate enables her to connect.
 Her sales training experience is invaluable, combine that with her personality and you have someone that can make a difference to your Business.
Julie Renyard
Managing Director EatPlayLive
Dean Keating
District32 has been fortunate to have Dee Simich present at our local and our training events in the areas of Business Development/Sales.  Dee has provided the members with key guidance in the process of sales while also inspiring them to take action. 
Dean Keating
Sales Director District 32
Natalie Budd-Doyle
Dee delivered the presentation with a warmth and humour that engaged and connected with the audience. Most importantly the techniques are useful and can be applied immediately in [their] businesses.
Natalie Budd-Doyle
Director of Training, Business Foundations
Gurmayll Kaur –
Once I started the course, making money, having more customers became very secondary. The primary aim became that I had more confidence. The course helped me with my business and my relationship with my family.
Gurmayll Kaur –
Health Coach
Brenda McAuliffe –
Asking questions and building rapport was the biggest development area for me. As a result I’m able to hold more eye contact, feel more connected, enjoy my work and have less judgements.
Brenda McAuliffe –
Studio Noah Photography
Brooke Venables  –
I have learnt that my value and presence = confidence. I can be both assertive and confident without being arrogant. I’ve also learnt to match my energies with clients and not allow them to take control.
Brooke Venables –
Mi Skin
Laura Pease –
One day we had some big groups come in which we always struggled to sell wine to. After 2 or 3 of the classes, I went to the 2 different groups, did a bit of a sales pitch and worked with them. We went from nothing, to selling a lot of wine that day to those groups.
Laura Pease –
Upper Reach Winery
Natasha Beattie –
It really isn’t about sales, it’s about people, and people creating the relationships and that’s what I love. For me it was finding the passion again to speak to people but not sell to them.
Natasha Beattie –
Dash Engineering
Samantha Bowen  –
What I learnt from the program is that anyone can do sales. It’s an easy 5 step process. With practise and support through Dee and the actual workshops, it’s easy to implement. I can actually do sales the way I feel comfortable.
Samantha Bowen –
Sarah Dean –
The benefits that I got out of the course is that I felt more confident going in to meet with people and I felt I had the control needed to engage with professional people. Since doing the course with Dee I’ve had two sales meetings and won both contracts after the Sales course.
Sarah Dean –
Emineo Hub

My Story…


I help women in business move from fear and self doubt around sales to confidence, possibility and opportunity so they can step into the best version of themselves and build a business they love.


Sales conversations have changed, moving from the pushy, masculine and manipulative model, to a feminine model of selling that’s all about the heart space. Many women feel burned out applying the masculine model, they’re not in their natural flow space and come to hate sales. I know from personal experience that chasing the end result without the commitment to being in service during the conversation, is soul destroying.
But when you learn to be fully present in your sales conversations, to listen to your intuition and combine this with the neurological, psychological and heart centred  sciences  magic can happen.
Hear how Natasha was able to gain confidence and grow her business
through the Converting Conversation to Sales program


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