‘According to the World Economic Forum, by 2020, emotional intelligence will be the sixth most sought after skill, ahead of judgement and decision-making and negotiation. L’Oréal recently reported that sales staff hired for high emotional intelligence sell $91 000 more annually than colleagues hired for more raditional skill sets.’

Corporate Training

Dee has firsthand knowledge of what brings results in sales and business after working with more than 5 000 people in Australia and New Zealand over the past 15 years. She has proved sales performance, customer service and personal leadership training to multiple corporations in a variety of business sectors. Her corporate consulting engagements cover 3 key spaces:

Personal Leadership

One of the biggest challenges people face is being able to ‘lead themselves’. Personal motivation, emotional intelligence and self-image are key to how they perform, respond and lead.

The Personal Leadership course focuses on the thoughts, attitude and behaviours needed to cope in a fastchanging environment in life and in business.

Heart Based Sales

As most business owners know, sales is the only way to increase revenue. We work with you to understand your culture and the value you bring through your products and services. We are then able to upskill your staff, so they have the tools and techniques giving them a competitive edge with each conversation.

Upskilling your staff in selling, is advancing their communication skills, teaching them the art of being in service to others and creating value.

Creating Wow in Customer Service

The customer experience is the new currency in business today. As an example, the Ritz Carlton require every employee to complete 250 hours training per year. Why? Because they have noticed that customers come back and stay longer each time.

Upskill your staff so they are aware of how to look for opportunities and create a ‘wow’ factor for your customers to keep them coming back.


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